I was born late February 1968. To say the world was in a transitional stage at that time could be accurate but I think the world is always in a transitional time. Even today.

In 1968 the United States was still in Vietnam. There were massive protests against our involvement in Vietnam here in the United States and abroad.

Lyndon B Johnson was President but would announce he wouldn’t seek re-election. Nixon would later win the election and become president until Watergate in the early 70s.

We still hadn’t landed a man on the moon though the Space Race was in full swing.

2001: A Space Odyssey premiered in Washington, D.C. while The Planet of the Apes premiered nationwide. Night of the Living Dead premiered in the United States.

In more political turmoil Martin Luther King Jr. was shot dead in Memphis, Tennessee resulting in riots erupting across the US and lasting for several days.

Me? I was born at approximately 4:30am in a little Montana town called Sidney which is very close to the Montana/North Dakota border. Most of my early life would be spent in Sidney and its small neighboring town Fairview, MT. And by 'early life' I mean the first couple of years.

Sidney, MT.

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