2015 News Archive


Some bad, work related, news has made my life hectic elsewhere. Site is on the backburner for the near future. Was hoping to update this thing every day. Gonna have to be as things get done. We'll see.


Started working on a logo for the front page. Probably something in...stone.


It's taken a few days to recover from the old vacation. Hmmm, a vacation to recover from a vacation. So, work on the site goes a bit slow. I've upgraded LibreOffice for my computer. I'm going to see if I can type essay length stuff in it and export it as HTML. I particularly want the formating for paragraphs and, maybe headings.


Just got back into town a few hours ago after a week long excursion into Texas and, for a day, Roswell, NM. Haven't forgotten about this site. Will play around with it more in the near future. Here is an image from my trip.

Alien autopsy. #alien #space #ufo #roswell

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I guess it's getting time to actually start adding content to the site instead of messing around with the design. (which I'll keep on doing.)



09/09/15 - Welcome to the site! Updated this page to show a roadmap, more or less, of what this site is going to be. Added copyright notice at bottom in annoyingly small text. Added a couple of .gifs to the bottom of the page because what 90s style site wouldn't be complete with out a couple. Also, the first real post on this site.