2018 News Archive


Small update. Added a couple of new links to the links page. Added a button to the nav-menu for the Dante's Inferno Archive. The archive is still being worked on as far as fixing links and such go.


I added an archive of an old "Bad Movie" review site called Dante's Inferno. It can be found here.

Dante's Inferno was one of the many sites I used to frequent back in the early 2000s to read movie reviews of many awful films. These were well written, funny, had a sense of personality and were generally tongue in cheek.

I had discovered Dante's Inferno when I was browsing BadMovies.org. Sometime in the mid to late 2000s Dante's Inferno went silent. Eventually, after a while, the site disappeared from the Internet. Fortunately for me I was able to use the Wayback Machine over at archive.org and recover most of the site.

I will keep this archive up until I figure out someplace more worthy to put it or until someone tells me to take it down.


Big redo of the front page. Moved all the news to their seperate pages catagorized by year. Also added some more to the 'About Me' page.


Again it's been a bit of time since I last updated this site. However, I think I can be excused for the past couple months really. You see, my mom, who has been fighting cancer since 2011 passed away last month. February 16th to be exact. After something like that happens it's not easy to do "trivial" things. They seem less important.

Anyway, I'm not giving up this site anytime soon because my love for 90s Internet knows no bounds. However, I do miss my mom.

I've updated some links on the link page.