The Internet was meant to be cool. At least that's what I thought when I first got online back in the mid 90s. Well, that's not entirely accurate. Not the Internet being cool part but when I first got online. That would be the late 80s and on one of the many BBS servers that dotted the countryside back then. But I digress.

About This Site:

This site hearkens back to an older time when the World Wide Web was new and the simple act of, not only creating your own content, hand crafting a static HTML page to display that content was one of the coolest things you could do. As the old adage goes, content is king and boy did we produce a lot of content back then. Sure, some of the sites looked garish but it was fun exploring those sites, especially on Geocities, Angelfire and Tripod, and devouring that content. Most people now days can't get past some of the site design and can't dig into the created content. The design was, and still is, superficial, but the content was king.

Content of those sites varied. Some were shrines to favorite television programs and movies at the time. The X-Files, Star Trek, Twin Peaks, Star Trek movies, Star Wars and more. There were also shrines to various books, hobbies and other such things that people were interested in. These were fun to read and explore. Others got more involved and did reviews of television shows, movies and/or books. The ones that did a lot of these were the ones that were the best to go back to over and over again.

Finally there is design. Like any new medium that a lot of people come to there were no hard, fast rules to designing and implementing a website. People made up their own. This is what made surfing the early Internet so much fun. Like I said before some of the sites were garish and, even, obnoxious. Some had midi files start playing when you went to their sites and others had scripts that changed your mouse icon to something strange or weird. My favorite was the particle trail that emitted from your mouse pointer. Some people were downright artistic and, actually, really good at making websites. No matter what the site and decorations though it was always fun to go see what they could accomplish.

Finally this site is about static HTML. Static HTML is awesome for a number of reasons. One is that it loads super quick. The result is something that doesn't bog your browser down when you just want to visit a site. Static HTML was a product of a time when people had 14.4k modems as an average. Sure, somebody might have the faster 33.6k modem and, later on, 56.6k modems. The point is that those telephone lines only could handle so much bandwidth so static HTML pages were the way to go. This site will follow the same spirit. Most of the stuff will be text based static HTML. There will be some images and the JavaScript will be kept to a minimum. Mostly to include common elements like menus and such. This will save some time when designing and buidling these pages. There shouldn't be any pop-ups or ads on the page other than an occasion link to a movie on Amazon if I do a movie review, an occasionl link to a video game on Good Old Games or Steam if I do a video game review and/or a link to a book on Amazon if I do a book review.

As I've said before I do enjoy these old sites and I do enjoy hand crafted HTML static sites. What I don't enjoy are abandoned sites. I've been guilty of that before in the past. So I've commited myself to try and do at least one small thing on this site every day. Of course, if I'm traveling or am away from home in any other capacity I reserve the rght to not update the site. I'll try and keep that as seldom as possible.

So, enjoy the site!

About Me:

Under Construction! More coming soon. I promise.