These are links to sites I like. I keep them here so I don't really forget them later. I'll try and seperate them into multiple catagories. Neocities sites, non-neocities sites, etc.

Useful Software

SeaMonkey Browser & Tools
Back in the 90s we had unique and intersting browsers. Me, I was a Netscape purist. Others like Internet Explorer. The thing was that these browsers were unique. Now, it's hard to find the uniqueness in each browser. Chrome looks like Edge looks like Internet Explorer looks like Firefox. Most of them don't even have an interesting Throbber anymore.
This is why I recommend SeaMonkey. It is a modern browser that look the most like the old Netscape browsers. Even has a descent, working Throbber. Must get.

Gaming - Video Games & Related:

The Scumm Bar
The Monkey Island series of game are classic and a favorite to many who gamed in the early 90s. When the Internet came around it was only natural that a website would pop up that was dedicated to that fabulous serious. The Scumm Bar is still around and mostly in it's orignal form. Check it out. Fresh Vittles
Back in the mid 90s Lucasarts released a game called Outlaws. Outlaws is a western game that takes inspiration from old Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western genre. The games unique art style and awesome music plus excellent multi-player made it a classic. Unfortunately this site isn't updated anymore but the owner has kept it up and it has a plethora of good content for perusing.
Doriath Dungeon
Doriath Dungeon is a game for the Commodore 64. This site is a fan site or shrine to the game. There are walkthroughs, interviews, maps and more. A really great site! I wish there were more fan sites or shrine sites that I could find.

Gaming - Pen & Paper, Role Playing and related:

Flying Buffalo Gaming Company
Home to a bevy of play-by-mail/play-by-email games. Most famous for Trolls and Tunnels RPG this site has been around for a long while. Rick Loomis, owner, has been around a lot longer. A great site to check out especially if you are into play-by-mail games.

I was sad to find out that Rick Loomis, the owner of Flying Buffalo, passed away in August, 2019 after a bout with cancer. I am saddened by this news as I respected him and looked up to him. His business and site are still active for those who want to dabble in the games Flying Buffalo offered. Unfortunately it looks like they've been modernizing the site (probably for the better) so it's lost a bit of that "early internet" charm.

Personal/Home Pages:

Rob Patton's Personal Site
I like this guys personal site. Rob lives in Central Florida and, when he was a kid, went to Central Florida Christian School. I went there too when our family moved from Seattle to Orlando. Searching for that school is how I found his site. It is proper old school cool.

Rant Sites:

Nathan's Toasty Technology Page
This site has been around forever. Among the interesting things on this site are some info on the video game Doom and also his infamous Internet Explorer Is Evil page.
Screw Paypal!
The name says it all. Oh yeah, and screw Paypal.

Movie Review Sites:
If you like bad movies and you love bad movie reviews then this is the site for you. Andrew Borntreger started the site way back in 1998 and it's been a staple ever since. The reviews are often funny and spot on. A highly recommended site.
Dante's Inferno Archive [Mirror]
Dante's reviews were the best when he was doing them. Like many others on the Internet he disappeared and his reviews lay dormant. Eventually the site they were hosted on disappeared and his reviews were lost to the ether...or so it seemed. Luckily for us that there was an archive over at and I was able to, with some helpful ruby scripts, download the archive. Now I've been going through his reviews, page by page, and trying to update the links. A lot of work.

Misc Sites:

Altexxa Net
This site is kind of an archive of old documents and old software. They provide some services too. The site is the lovely hand crafted HTML that I so enjoy. A no non-sense site that is well worth a check out. It seems like a bit of a personal site but there is enough difference to put it under Misc.

Search Engines:

Wilby - Search Engine for Classic Web
You can find classic style pages here. Usually meaning websites that were put together before Web 2.0.
Welcome to the Old Internet Again!
If you miss what sites look like back in the Golden Age of the Internet do I have a site for you. Simply enter a site you'd like to visit and the year you'd like to visit in and the site takes care of the rest. There are plenty of links for you to try out first or you can try your own luck and type in your own sites.
Wilby Search Engine
This is one of the coolest search engines I've found in a long while. It only serves up sites that have lovely hand crafted HTML, is not the hated Web 2.0 and, probably have been around for a while. Check it out.
The Old Net
Do you remember your favorite site looked like back in the 90s? The Old Net does. Using programming tricks and the Internet Archive you can revisit sites from back when they were good.
This is one of the "before Google" (BG) search engines that was available to use. I used it a little since search wasn't as advanced as it is now and I had no affinity for one search engine over another. The new Lycos doesn't look that good and doesn't have the character and class that old Lycos had. Old Lycos rocked!

Neocities Sites:

A.N. Lucas
One of the first sites I found on Neocities and with the 90s sensabilites that I dig. Along with the cool designs of his site you can also find tons of images to use on your own Neocities site.
Lily's Flower Garden
I'm not a My Little Pony, or so called Broney, fan but this site has the 90s look too. Very colorful with a good use of frames. Worth a check it out.
Zs Planet
Another cool site with some hidden gems through out the site. Be sure to check out Pac-Man! The site is simple and I like that.
A classic 90s site with fun pages and music (though not midi). I highly suggest you check this out.

Social Media Sites:

I've decided to move away from Social Media. I'm of the opinion that Social Media is the cancer of the Internet. Too many people consume content. Not too many people create content. Hell, those sites don't even allow you to create content.