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This is my website. It is an homage to the website designs of the 90s. It was born on 09 September 2015. Right now I'm working out what kind of layout I want to have on it. I'm stuck on a classic 90s nostalgia site like this one from A.N. Lucas or, perhaps, something a little more like a lot of the 90s sites from more technical people such as this site. I love sites like that too. In my opinion, hand-crafted HTML sites are cool. Especially the ones from the early days of the Internet.

Of course this will be more of a vanity site. Probably covering video games (mostly retro?), television from the 70s, 80s and 90s, classic sci-fi, fantasy and adventure films from the past and, maybe, books. My main interests are in Fantasy, Science Fiction and Adventure with a few other genres thrown in for good measure.

I promise one thing you will never find on this site is auto-play MIDI songs. I was never a fan of them back in the day and I am still not a fan of them now.

News & Updates:

Recent updates to the site and general site news.


Another small update where I added more links to the links page. Added the 2019 news page and link below. Also, I really need to update this site more frequently.

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